BOOK: Discovering the Land of Virtues with Grandma Eliza

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By Mary Elizabeth Feda

Illustrated by Preston McDaniels

Teaches children about the Real Presence

Wonderfully warm and whimsical illustrations set the mood and captivate readers from the very first page of this most imaginative and fantastical story.

Young Madeline narrates as she and her sister Felicity, along with their Grandmother Eliza, are whisked away from a tornado shelter in a shopping mall off to a wondrous land in the sky inhabited by angels. Clara is the angel who guides them as they experience the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and visit the Fountain of Life.

This beautiful tale of adventure and homecoming shares the meaning of virtue and the beauty of the Eucharist with children ages 3-12.

Additional details: Hardcover, full color, 52 pages. First published in 2022.